NAV TechDays 2011

Yesterday I flew from Keflavik, Iceland to Amsterdam and then traveled by train to Antwerp.  Here I am @NAV TechDays 2011


NAV TechDays is the name of a new conference, organized by
The goal of this conference is to offer 2 days full of – technical only and highly relevant – sessions, related to Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV.


Session topics:

  • Administrating NAV ‘7.0’ with Windows PowerShell 2.0
  • High-Quality Test Automation for NAV Applications
  • Developer Tools
  • Form Transformation
  • Integration (CRM connector, Webservices, Windows Phone 7, …)
  • Mergetool
  • .NET and NAV Interop
  • Partner-ready Software: how to build software for others to maintain
  • Reporting story in NAV ‘7.0’
  • RoleTailored Client Add-ins, Visualization & Charting
  • Tools & tricks that make NAV development easier and more organized
  • Understanding Keys & Indexes with Dynamics NAV & SQL Server

E-Mailing PDF Report with Job Queue

One of my clients asked for a automated report delivery every morning.  Since Job Queue was already running I decided to create a way to have Job Queue print the report to PDF and email it as an attachment.

This example uses the E-Mailer Report no. 50003 to send Report No. 6 to my email address.

First I had to make some changes to codeunit 449, Job Queue Start Codeunit, the OnRun trigger.  I created a local variable with the name JobQueueEntry as a Record 472 and then added to the code.
[code htmlscript=”false”]CASE "Object Type to Run" OF
"Object Type to Run"::Codeunit:
CODEUNIT.RUN("Object ID to Run",Rec);
"Object Type to Run"::Report:
IF "Parameter String" <> ” THEN BEGIN
JobQueueEntry := Rec;
REPORT.RUN("Object ID to Run",FALSE,FALSE,JobQueueEntry);
REPORT.RUN("Object ID to Run",FALSE);
Attached is report 50003 that does the job.

Any Report E-Mailer