Vacation is over

Sorry for my absence lately.  Was in Spain enjoying the sun.

I am back at work and seeing a few things that I need to handle.

Thank you for waiting…

NAV TechDays 2014

I have registered for NAV TechDays 2014 in Antwerp this fall.  On November 19th we are offered a whole day specialised workshops.  First tried last with great success.  This is the most difficult part, having to select one workshop and skip all the others.

I hope to see most of you there.  Thank you Luc for the effort.


Unblock downloaded files

In the process of downloading a file from an insecure location Windows blocks the file.

I have had this bothering to often.  For example when I downloaded an add-in and hit an error.

And more recently I downloaded a knowledge base packed and installed with my PowerShell script just to find out that every file in the download had been blocked.

Once again, PowerShell came to the rescue.  Opened Windows PowerShell ISE in Administration Mode and execute the below script for the needed folders.

[code lang=”ps”]$folder = ‘C:\PUB’
#$folder = ‘C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics NAV’
#$folder = ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Dynamics NAV’
$files = Get-ChildItem -Path $folder -Recurse
foreach ($file in $files)
Write-Host "Unblocking file $file…"
Unblock-File -Path $file.FullName