Prepare for Report Transformation

On of the bigger tasks when upgrading to the Role Tailored Client is the report transformation.  In big database there are houndreds of reports.  Some of them might just be idle reports that are never used.  This blog from ArcherPoint that is based on a original post from Mark Brummel got me thinking.  In 2009 Microsoft added to the client the possibility to execute a function with ID 120 in codeunit 1 that only works for the Classic Client.

I mixed these together by adding the code to codeunit 1 in the same way as Mark Brummel but creating a report log table instead of a report print count table.

Here the Entry No. field automatically increments the numbers in the database.  I also changed the property DataPerCompany for the table to No.

The single instance codeunit is also a simple one.

The next step might just be to create a report for Excel Pivot table like I did with ledger tables.

Report Printing Log

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