Integration for Sales

I started to use the CRM Integration that was delivered with NAV 2009 R2 for one of my client earlier in this year.  Not for CRM though but for the handheld computers.

One of the functions is to update a parent integration record.  That means that if a user modifies a sales line the sales header is fetched and the modify timestamp for the sales header integration record is updated.

When I update the handheld computers I will search for all modified integration records, update the handheld computers and clear out the modified timestamp from the integration record.

In the standard codeunit 5150 and in InsertUpdateIntegrationRecord function the code always updates the modified time stamp.  This will be executed for every modification for a sales header or a sales line.  I wanted to change this so that the modified time stamp will only be set once.

[code]IF "Modified On" = 0DT THEN BEGIN
"Modified On" := IntegrationLastModified;

instead of

[code]"Modified On" := IntegrationLastModified;

I think that Microsoft should look into this in the standard code.

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