Record Links in NAV 2009 R2

I made a function that collects all the record links from the documents related to a customer ledger entry or a vendor ledger entry.  I then display the list or record links and offer the user the change to open the links or email them.

This all worked just fine in my Classic Client but in the Role Tailored Client the page gives me a metadata error.  I asked Microsoft and got an answer from Lars Lohndorf-Larsen.

I have been in contact with development and they say that this is unfortunately a restriction in NAV2009. It is not possible to use “Record Link” as Source Table on a page.
“Record Link” is a special table which gets (re)built dynamically. A page expects a normal table and will implicitly compile the underlying table. But this particular table does not have usual metadata that the page expects, so it fails.
In NAV2013 it works because this table was redesigned.

This means that I will have to use the Record Link table as a global variable instead of using it as a source table.  That is what I will do.

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  1. Had the same problem.
    I copied the Record Link table in the 50XXX range and named it Record Link Temp. Now I used this table as source for my form/page and I’ve set the SourceTableTemporary = True.
    When running the form/page I fill the temp tabel with the required record links…
    Since the table is only used as temp it doesn’t affect the licensed no. of objects.
    Not the most elegant of all solutions… but nonetheless a solution.

  2. I did a similar solution. The strange thing was that I had problems with the classic client and a temporary table. I ended by using a temporary table with the role tailored client and the actual table in the classic client.

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