The Kill Idle batch

In an earlier post I showed how to kill idle sessions from C/AL code.  I have been asked to provide a batch that works with Job Queue.

To set this up please add a field to table 91.  Field name is “Kill Idle Duration” and the data type is “Duration”.  In my case this field has the number 50000.  If that number is unavailable just use another number and import the text object and compile.

Attached is the report that can be used in the job queue.  Just make sure that the user running the job queue has enough permissions as shown in my earlier post.

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Report 89209

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      1. Dear Gunnar,

        I use NAV 2009 R2. Your method has successfully delete the RTC session, but when the RTC connection is not closed so the user is still continue to work in RTC although the RTC session is deleted. How to close RTC connection too?

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