[CurrLanguage :=] LANGUAGE([NewLanguage]) support in XMLPorts

It is commonly used option to change the reporting language according to a customer, vendor og an employee.  However, some reports are XML files.  I found that I also needed to change the data language in XML files.

The workaround is to change the GLOBALLANGUAGE before executing the xmlport.  To get similar language support in xmlports as in reports would be ideal.

Just created a suggestion on Microsoft Connect.  Go ahead and vote if you agree.

2 Replies to “[CurrLanguage :=] LANGUAGE([NewLanguage]) support in XMLPorts”

  1. Just remember that setting GLOBALLANGUAGE isn’t part of the transaction, and is therefore not rolled back if an error occurs. Instead I normally let my codeunit or dataport or xmlport be executed via a dummy report, that simply changes the language. Then it is only changed for the scope of execution. (This trick was also used in the Mobile granule when receiving a request from a mobile device)

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