Scan document with NAV via the Hardware Hub

I have now created a document scanning solution that uses the Hardware Hub.  This means that you can place the scanner on any computer and the NAV Windows Client on any or the same computer.

All you need is the Hardware Hub Twain Client on the computer that is connected to the scanner.  The software is available for download and install in by selecting the link above.

Attached is a Page and a Codeunit for NAV 2013 for you to test the scanning.  Import the fob file into your NAV and run page 50093.  This will require the Hardware Hub Proxy installed on your server or your client add-ins folder.


Use the AssistEdit button to create a new Twain Scanner GUID.  The installed Hardware Hub Twain Client will minimize to you notification area.  Locate and double-click the notification icon to bring up the client settings and copy the GUID from the page to the client.


Then just minimize the client again to the notification area.  Close and reopen page 50093, select your scanner and scan.  The scanned document will be located on the server and you can download and open the document with the assist button.

In the attached ZIP file you will find the file HardwareHubProxy.dll that you will need to put in your server add-ins folder.  If you would like to test this on your local machine just change the RunOnClient property in Codeunit 50093 and put the HardwareHubProxy.dll in your Windows Client add-ins folder.


Here is the required objects.  HubScanning
Updated HardwareHubProxy.dll

Hardware Hub IIS Service on

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  1. Hello,

    im trying to use this solution in my local PC with NAV 2018, i have issues in compiling the objects and install Hardware Hub Twain Client, i will be appreciated if you can help me on that

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