Bar code reader and the Hardware Hub

We have some cases where the Dynamics NAV client is running in a remote desktop and the local machine has a bar code scanner connected.  One way is to have the bar code scanner configured as a keyboard.  This requires the focus on the correct input field in NAV to work.  The other way is to have the scanner configured to use a Serial Communication Port.


This allows me to listen to the Serial Port and handle the input with C/AL code.  To make sure that this will work where ever the client is running I choose to use the Hardware Hub.  Attached is the NAV objects required to test this functionality.  Start by installing the Serial Port Client.


Import the NAV object into your NAV 2013 and make sure the the HardwareHubProxy.dll is in the add-ins folder for the middle tier service.  The start Page 50095.  Press the assist button to get a new Serial Port GUID.


Copy the Serial Port GUID into the Serial Port Client, choose the correct port settings and check the box to open the port.  You can test the scanning to make sure.  The last scanned bar code will appear in the Last Data text box.


In Dynamics NAV start the listener and test the scanning.

NAV objects are attached, Hub Barcode Demo.

Hardware Hub IIS Service on

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