Twain Scanner for Dynamics NAV that works in remote desktop

A few days ago I published objects for NAV 2013 and details on how to use a twain scanner with the hardware hub.

I know that many happy Dynamics NAV users are still using older versions so I wanted to make this solution available for NAV 2009, both in the Role Tailored Client and in the Classic Client.


If you are running NAV 2009 you should be able to use the attached object to test your scanner.  It should be easy to change the code to work with older versions of Dynamics NAV.

Hub Scanning for NAV 2009

Hardware Hub IIS Service on

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  1. Hi, This looks exactly what i’m looking for but unfortunately I don’t have that much experience using .dot and proxies. Can you explain how I can install your hardwarehubproxy.dll and test your examples from a Nav2009 classic client, running the scanner locally? Many Thanks

  2. Hi

    In NAV 2009 Classic Client you don’t need the hardwarehubproxy.dll. The SOAP communication are written directly with XML DOM objects.

    You will need to install “Hardware Hub Twain Client” on the host connected to the scanner.

  3. Thanks for that.. the installer failed the first time because I didn’t have administrator rights. All sorted now. I’ll give it a go.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hi, This is a clever solution and works great. Do you have plans to share in how you created your web service though? Our scanners are connected to client PCs only on a local network. ie. no direct internet access.
    Kind Regards.

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