Web Client not in the installation language

I have installed the Web Client on several computers.  It was not until yesterday that I finally got to check why the client was not displaying my Icelandic language.  I always got English even if the Icelandic language module was installed.

As I looked at the Web.Config file (in the folder C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\70\Web Client) I saw that the Icelandic installer change the Language and RegionFormat to France !

[code] <add key="TimeZone" value="UTC" />
<add key="Language" value="fr-FR" />
<!– The locale for formatting dates, times, numbers and currency. This is required. –>
<add key="RegionFormat" value="fr-FR" />[/code]

Now, change the fr-FR to is-IS and save (requires elevated access) and now I have Icelandic Web Client. I have reported this to Microsoft and they will most likely fix this soon. If I will be notified I will also let you know.


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