Pre-Conference day at NAVTechDays 2013

Just finished the first day at NAVTechDays 2013.  This was a day where I would have liked to be able to be in three places at once.

Claus was going through reporting and I missed that.

Vjeko was going through .NET interop and I missed that.

I was with Mark, Gary and Eric going through design patterns and the PRS methodology.


This is all about developing solutions that follow patterns and are easy to understand, maintain and upgrade.  So easy that when you read through the code you should be able to read in plain English what the code is doing.  Would it not be easier to customize a solution that is written in that way?

One part is about using a specific pattern when creating objects.  For example a Table is handled as a Class with data, methods and properties.  The goal is that all business logic that belongs to that table should be accessible through functions (methods) on that table.

And why would I want to miss the other two classes for this one ?

Because this methodology does not only apply to Microsoft.  It also applies to every partner and every developer that works with Microsoft Dynamics NAV.  Every partner should find a way to implement the PRS methodology and contribute to the work to help creating a general guidelines in how we want Dynamics NAV solutions to be designed and programmed.

To help consultants and developers several designing patterns have already been published.  We worked on more patterns and hopefully Microsoft will have more patterns online very soon.  These patterns help partners to create new solutions and to customize others in a standardized and reusable way.  Following the pattern also makes sure that everything that is needed is included.

The patterns are published on the official dynamics community page.  Just take a look.

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