Thursday at NAVTechDays 2013

Today started early as the bus waited outside the hotel to bring us to the conference.  After looking through the exhibition all attendees sat down to listen to the opening keynote from Michael Nielsen and Thomas Hejlsberg from Microsoft Developement Center in Copenhagen (MDCC).

The spent some time looking at the changes made to Dynamics NAV over the last year with the release of NAV 2013 R2 and  gave us some demos on how the new client works with SharePoint and Office 365.  We also saw a short demo on client addins.

They also spoke about what we could expect in the next version that is scheduled for release next fall.  They aim to make the reporting story more succesful and continue to simplify the user experience.

Some time was spent on going through the response from the community about NAV 2013 R2.  The loudest one, that there are no more FBK files will be solved as they plan to release PowerShell commands to create and restore backup files with similar functionality as we had gotten used to in the old method.  This will be even better because it will be scriptable and much faster.

The compilation of feedback and the response have been put into the attached PDF document MicrosoftDynamicsNAV2013R2_ReleaseNotesFollowup.

Next session was with Claus Lundstrøm on creating and upgrading reports in NAV 2013 (R2).  Claus truly is the master of RDLC Reporting and showed few of his tips and trick in this session.  This will most likely help us all to create better reports in a shorter time for our future projects.  For anyone that is in the process of upgrading and creating reports for newer NAV versions, one of the favorite sites should be Claus’s blog site.

Claus has a public SkyDrive where he shares a lot of goodies.  I hope Claus will soon find time to upload the report template that he created and showed in this session.

After lunch Vincent Nicolas and Horina Serbanescu had a session about what’s new in Dynamics NAV 2013 R2 client.  I really liked the dynamics between them and how they worked together to deliver the content.  I believe that everyone in the room could understand what they showed and they kept it interesting and fresh.  Brilliant job and I applaud them.

The last session was about NAV deployment, both to Azure and on local premises.  Kamil Koclega and Tomasz Truszkiewicz had the tough job to speak about this new and therefore complex matter in a very short time.  They showed a lot of interesting things and I will gain a lot from this session.  The topic was a hard one but they did a god job.

More sessions and more info to come.  Later…

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