NAVTechDays 2013 Friday Recap

The day started in a session with Freddy Kristiansen.  This session was about the all new multi tenancy, how that is set up and how it affects the application, developement and the user.


In all the sessions that touched this subject it was made clear that multi tenancy is an option that is not supposed to be overly used.  This option is intended to enable both scalability and repeatability for Dynamics NAV and hence make the product an attractive solution for a cloud based ERP system.

There probably are not many existing installation of Dynamics NAV that will move to multi tenancy.

Freddy showed that by stacking service instances on a single machine to serve many customers was not an option.  Prior the only option was to install under ten instances on a single machine and that pool of instances would be able to use the same SQL server.  He had made a demo installation where he had four server instance machines, one SQL server machine and one developement and management machine.  This was all installed in Azure and running 600 tenant services behind a round robin load balancing.  In the old method the same hardware would be able to handle up to 60 instances.

The cost for each user will drop dramatically and open new market for Dynamics NAV.  Now that is something my company is going to try to make the most of.

Vjekoslav Babić was next on stage with his Microsoft .NET Interoperability Black Belt – Tips & Tricks session.  Vjeko is the go-to-guy when it comes to these matters.  He was building on his previous session for beginners and showed ways to solve some of the common problems you are likely to face when dealing with .NET Interoperability in Dynamics NAV.  Vjeko has published a post on his blog about his session where he shares all the code examples he used, a great treasure for us developers.

The last Dynamics NAV session was from Luc van Vugt.  This session was about source control with Microsoft Team Foundation Server (Service).  Luc showed us how his company is solving the problem and showed that for a small company Microsoft has a free cloud service available.  Take a look at his blog for further details.

In the last slot we had Jamie Anderson speaking about Lady Gaga and the method used to get her to the top spot in the digital world.  Jamie is a brilliant performer and this was both fun and interesting closing to this great conference.

I hope to see most of you next year in November 20th -21st.

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