NAV 2013 R2 Unable to verify table changes

In my setup I am running a Developement Environment on one computer, the Server on another and the database is on the third computer – the SQL Server.

Running Server and Database on separate machines requires a domain user account for database authentication.  What I have found is that a service running on a domain user account is unable to verify table changes.


The server is running.  I can see the server instance.


There are two methods to get around this error.

  • Start a Server Instance on your Developement machine using domain user account
  • Start a Server Instance on your SQL server using Network Service

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  1. I have non-AD environment and have set Server instance on SQL server running as Network Service but still receiving the same error on C/SIDE IDE running on separated computer.

    I can see in server’s event viewer that it is trying to logon to windows but with credentials supplied to IDE client (which are SQL native credentials). Obviously, it fails with login error.

    Instance is set to use UserName credentials, btw.

  2. @Davor
    If the NAV Service is running on the same machine as your SQL Server it should be running under Network Service. We use this for our development.
    If the NAV Service is running on another machine (where your dev client is running?) it needs to run as something else (haven’t tried this yet, it might need to run as YOUR user)…

  3. My DEV client is on different machine and I’m working in non-AD environment so cannot start service with MY user. Perhaps if I use same username/pass on both computers it could work, as it sometimes does in non-AD windows networks…

    I will have to switch dev to SQL server in case of table changes so my data could be checked too (using network service user as service account as you proposed).

  4. How can I realize scenario where I have 3 separated machines (SQL, NST, Development Environment), NST and SQL running under separate domain account.
    I need to make ability for developers import *.fob files with connecting to NST to verify the changes to the table can be done with out data loss.
    I’t not test environment.

  5. Hi,

    First I want to thank you for very god article.

    I try all yours tips and I didn’t solve a problem “Unable to Verify Table Changes”. Then I realize that problem might be with NAV build – I have a rollup 5 on every succesful database and rollup 6 on problematic one.

    So, I try to upgrade to rollup 7, but problem remain. When I downgrade to build 7.10.36310 (rollup 5) then I solve the problem!

  6. Hi,

    I’m upgrading a database to 2013 R2. When I try to import merged objects into 2013 R2 dev environment I get error “Unable to verify table changes.To validate table changes for potential data loss, the specified running server must communicate with a SQL Server. …” in Tools -> Options I have the right Parameters set(Server name, Instance name, Post ) and All (Database, Service and client) are running on same machine. Service is running on ‘Network Service’ account. I have restarted Service several times but I get this error. Do you have any suggestions for me?

    1. Hi Deepak.

      Compile the system tables and restart the service.
      I change the “Prevent data loss from table changes” to No, Imported and then executed Sync-NAVTenant in PowerShell before opening the Windows Client.

      1. Hi all,

        Changing “Prevent data loss from table changes” to No can result to DATA LOSS so i wouldn’t recommend that!
        Check on database is there any active rollback process, if exist, wait till done, and than compile the system tables and start Sync-NAVTenant in PowerShell. If you have a big database this will take a while, also depending on hardware.

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