Using XML to transfer Data between NAV companies

In November 2010 I blogged about Transferring small amount of data between databases.  There I had a Form that can read and write a XML file with table data.  This Form was used frequently in my company to move data between companies and databases.

The good thing about this method is that I can move data between database versions.


Yesterday I got a request to share a NAV 2013 R2 version of this solution.  Here it is !

This version includes support for BLOB data in the tables.  BLOB data is converted to Base64 and included in the XML file.

Be careful when importing.  Existing data will be overwritten.

Dynamics XML Data Transfer for NAV 2013 R2

3 Replies to “Using XML to transfer Data between NAV companies”

  1. Hi Gunner,

    I have a different requirement in mind. I need to copy new or Modifyed Records from master and Setup tables from a Template DB to other MC Dbs. The Table will have similar structure. This should be automated.

    Any suggestion, Please help me. Thanks

  2. I love your tool, Gunnar, it is ideal for upgrades when you don’t want to carry the whole database, just the master data and basically start over clean. Really cuts down the time for upgrades. My problem is that it is very slow in NAV2017, like, taking hours to import a 3megabyte file. Any idas?

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