Forms and Pages are editable in lookupmode

Some forms and pages in Dynamics NAV are used both for setup and look up.  For example form and page “Payment Terms” with ID 4.  I like to add a code to forms and pages to prevent this.

On forms:
On pages:
This causes the form or page to be write protected if they are opened as a look up from the “Payment Terms Code” fields.

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  1. I don’t really understand the reasoning for this. Personally I hate it when I can’t edit the data I’m looking up. A good example is the Bin List. You have to go “all the way over” to the Location List to correct that one Bin who has the wrong Max Quantity. It’s a massive timewaster.

  2. Does a version of NAV exists where CurrPage.EDITABLE is supported? In NAV2009 it is not supported.

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