InvalidSecurity error when connecting to a NAV Server

For a few weeks I have been running an Internet facing NAV Server.  This server is using “NAVUserPassword” authentication and a SSL certificate.

Everything was working as planned until a few days ago when I was using my PowerShell scripts to install the newest knowledge base package, Update Rollup 3 for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2 (Build 36035).

When I opened the client after the update a new version was downloaded and started.  However, I got an error.

FaultCode = „InvalidSecurity“
Reason = „An error occurred when verifying security for the message.“

I rolled back the upgrade and tried again with the same error.  This was the strangest thing.

The Web Client was working perfectly but not the Windows Client.

As I was walking and wandering the solution dropped in.  I recognized that a secure connection is established with by using the date and time of both the client and the server.  I sat back down and checked – the clock on my server was 6 minutes late!

I set the clock and retried the connection – successfully !

I then configured my server to synchronize the clock with a time source like is shown here or here.

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  1. I had this problem after a power outage in our hosting center. Had no idea where to look, client on the server worked fine.

    Turned out the time on the server was two hours behind. So thanks for posting 🙂

  2. worked perfectly. Time Sync error. Somehow the user had his clock set 1hr into the future, but on the correct timezone. WEIRD!

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