Potential data loss in NAV 2013 R2 fixed

Update Rollup 5 for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2 has been released.

You can download update rollup 5 from KB 2937999 – Update Rollup 5 for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2 (Build 36281).

This hotfix resolves the following problems:

ID Title
358016 <Field A> -= <Field B> – <Variable> statement calculates incorrect results.
357968 The Windows client crashes when you click a column header to change the sort order in a list page.
357487 Data loss can occur when you change an object multiple times or compile all objects in a live database that has active users connected.
357430 Script control add-in that opens a new browser window does not work in the web client.
357397 “Your entry of [decimal value] is not an acceptable value for ‘Duration’. The value [decimal value] can’t be evaluated into type Duration” error when you enter a decimal value into a field of type duration.
357335 Filtering on worksheets is not working in the web client.
357223 The RecordRef.FIELDEXIST(0) function always returns TRUE.
357105 The Windows client is leaking memory.
356809 “The custom numbering ID format should start at 164 and should be listed in consecutive order” error when you export an account schedule to Microsoft Excel.
356632 “A call to System.IO.StreamWriter.Close failed with this message: Cannot access a closed file” error when you close a stream object from code.
356339 “Invalid index 0 for this SqlParameterCollection with Count=0” Event Log error when you run multiple NAV server services on the same computer.
356335 “The communication object, System.ServiceModel.Channels.ServiceChannel, cannot be used for communication because it is in the Faulted state” error when you import or compile a table.
356332 Field disappears after you have done a lookup in the field and customized the lookup page.
356284 A subpage is not automatically editable or noneditable when the main page is set to editable or noneditable.
356167 “The filter “[date]” is not valid for the Document Date field on the Sales Invoice Header table. The value “[date]” can’t be evaluated into type Date” error when you select filter to this value on a date column with non-English regional settings.
356090 You can unexpectedly import a table object that removes a column that contains data in the existing table when the table was created by using Save As from the Import Worksheet.
356044 Sorting option is missing in report request pages.
355957 CR (Carriage Return) and LF (Line Feed) creates indentations in ADCS (Automated Data Capture System).
355917 Performance is slow in list pages that have flowfields.
355804 “A security filter has been applied to table [table name]. You cannot access records that are outside of this filter” error when you change a record in a table with flowfields and security filters.
355484 “The metadata object Page [page ID] was not found” error when you select Customize Ribbon in a report request page.
353961 The Windows client stops responding after a window that is opened by an object that has the Dialog.OPEN statement is closed because an implicit Dialog.CLOSE is missing.

I just finished installing this upgrade at a client site.  It was, however, for me not a painless procedure.

I am using PowerShell scripts that upgrade both client and servers.  On the server it will stop the service tier, upgrade the files and start the services again.  This seems to be the problem.

When the Developement Environment is opened with this version 7.1.36281.0 the database will be upgraded.  For this part a single user access to the database is needed so the service tier must be stopped.  This part was without any problems.  The database was converted and things look fine.

Then I started the service tier again and tried to connect.  The client failed to connect and I got this error

The server “<servername>” was unable to process the request.  Close the application and start again.

So I was stuck.  I tried a lot of things and finally found the solution.  In a database that was working I found that the TenantVersionNo in the $ndo$tenantproperty was 1030 but in faulty databases it was 1020.


I stopped all services, modified the TenantVersionNo to 1030 and started again.  Rock and roll…

5 Replies to “Potential data loss in NAV 2013 R2 fixed”

  1. Many thanks! I think it will save me a lot of headaches when I’ll update to the last CU released!

  2. Hi Gunner,

    I have upgraded NAV application to this Build 38053 from 35473 i am getting an error while trying to open a page 🙁
    The Application is having foreign Date Format (If Format is in United States this will work fine, but its in Bulgarian since the user need to type in Bulgarian and need to see the dates in Bulgarian format).

    Microsoft Dynamics NAV

    The value “22.10.2014 г.” can’t be evaluated into type Date.

    Page Edit – VAT Purch. Ledger – October 2014 must close.
    The error i got is while trying to open a Localization page,But the same date format is working perfectly in standard pages.
    Any idea or solution??

    The objects are not converted or up graded properly?

  3. I found the cause of the error. The page is a Document Page, with header and Line. The Sub page Link is with a Date field, which is also in the primary key of the Line page. If i remove the Date from the link, i am not getting the error any more. But i am not understanding why. since it was working fine with the old Build.

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