Instance and Tenant Administration

Managing Dynamics NAV Instances and Tenants is not for everybody.  We have a lot of poeple used to NAV and capable of installing the old versions.  When the middle tier was introduced the setup became more complex.  Now you can’t simply add a database, connect and start.  You need to add instance or tenant to your infrastructure and manage user access and licensing.

Microsoft has supported us with PowerShell tools to manage our servers.  Combining these tools and C/AL to build a administration tool in NAV will give us possibilities to manage all our NAV installations; multi tenant, single tenant, production, test and developement.

To do this I used and extended the PowerShell functions from Waldo. The extension includes being able to handle XML output from PowerShell, similar to what Waldo uses here.  These extended functions are included in this PSM Extended download.


The core functionality and the needed scripts are available via

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