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I have been using for some time now.  This has forced me to take some of my smaller solutions and turn them into a product.

I connect my Sellfy user to PayPal and give them information about my location.  That is it, all you need to do.  They are supporting the new VAT regulation in between EU countries.

To make things easier to find I created the web site  There I have a product catalogue with download links.  All download links point to a source outside of Objects4NAV web site.  Some to MiBuSo, some to the source blog post and some to the Sellfy product purchase button.

When a product is made available on Sellfy a price tag has to be applied.  That is normal, this is a store.  The price can be as low as €0.99 so this should not stop anyone.

There is also another great thing about using Sellfy.  If you update your product you can use Sellfy to send the updated product to the ones that bought the product even if you don’t have any information about the purchasers.

Step 1; update the product file.


Step 2; send a notification email.


Step 3; sit back and smile


This example is where I just sent an upgrade to the tool I use to create temporary tables and upgrade codeunit for NAV 2015.  I must say that I am a bit surprise how few have downloaded this product.  It will save so much time in a data upgrade.  Are you not upgrading NAV installations ???

Another example could be a currency import from  I posted a function to do this for NAV 2009 R2 and was recently asked for the NAV 2013 R2 version.  I don’t have that in my product list but would it not be nice to be able to find that solution on and download for just €9.  That would be a win-win game.

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