Updated Hardware Hub Twain Client

The Hardware Hub Twain Client has been updated.  For more details on that solution read posts tagged with twain on my blog.

The updated version should make is easier to understand what is going on and how the scanning process is going.  By ticking in the Log checkbox all actions will be logged in the Messages text box.


Another new feature is designed to solve a problem some of the users have been reporting.  When a users selects to have the scanning settings shown that dialog sometimes is opened in the background.


The solution is to add the process name to the Twain Client.  This is an example settings dialog.


Looking at the Task Manager I can see that the process name is wiawow64.exe.


And by using this small PopUp2Front solution I can see the process name I need to add to my Twain Client.


The idea is to have the Twain Client look for this process and bring it to the front of the desktop for the user.  In this case I put (wiawow64) as the PopUp Process in the Twain Client.


The Select Process button on the Twain Client will give the same process list, but it is not accessible while scanning.

Please remember to restart the Twain Client after you modify the settings to make sure that they are saved in your registry.

Also please remember that the HardwareHub on hub.dynamics.is is only for developement and testing.  All the clients on this website and all the code supplied can be freely used.  To install your own secure Hardware Hub Service go to Objects4NAV.com to download it.


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