Windows 10 and Universal Apps

A new operating system from Microsoft sure has it’s impact on our ecosystem.  Our Microsoft Dynamics NAV is based on top of Microsoft operating systems.

With the power of SOAP and OData services in Microsoft Dynamics NAV everyone is now able to design a custom user interface dedicated for a simple task, both for employees and customers.

It should be interesting to grab the Visual Studio 2015 tools and start to experiment with the Windows Universal developement with Microsoft Dynamics NAV on the back-end.

The end goal, to have Windows running on all type of devices will open a lot of possibilities.  Go wild…

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  1. Do you think that this will finally convince most of the customers on old NAV versions to upgrade?
    I am guessing that around 80% of NAV installations are still running NAV 2009 or earlier.

    1. Bingo 🙂 The question is: Does it something useful on all types of devices? Or some devices at least? That’s a bonus, maybe, but it doesn’t solve the other glaring issues that keep the users on old versions. We have a web service- based interface to our own command and control software, btw. These users are sometimes using NAV (5.0/2009R2) and don’t even notice. 🙂

  2. Exactly Dave. Love new technology too, but we may never forget the old customers.
    Gunnar, in which scenarios do you think the universal apps would be better than the current clients or technology? Approvals, showing image of document etc.? Or where will it also be really good in business situations?

    1. Erik,
      I can think of solutions with external hardware for example. Devices that are used to control all types of machinery and will in the near future be running Windows 10. These types of devices will be able to be integrated directly into Dynamics NAV. An example, that I could do because the computer connected to the hardware is running Windows, I created a windows service that listens to a serial port and what ever is received is transmitted via SOAP directly to NAV.

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