Renumbering tool for Dynamics NAV Objects

I needed to renumber objects for Skyrr Payroll addon and found on Mibuso an old renumbering tool.  I downloaded it and installed.  I corrected the bug and created an import function for Excel worksheet.

The Excel worksheet has the object type in column A, object ID in column B, object name in column C, object caption in column D and the object new ID in column E.  The first row is the header row.  I simply copied my object list from Object Designer and worked out my new ids in Excel.

After importing this Excel worksheet I have a list of new and old IDs in NAV.

If any of the new IDs is an old ID, you will need to renumber first from the old ID to temporary ID and then do another renumbering to the new ID.

I create two sheets in my Excel workbook to solve this.

This renumbering tool does not support Pages and I did not need that support in this case.

Renumbering Tool Source Code

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  1. Hi Gunnar,

    thank you for posting the source code… I have created a version which includes pages (and is faster :). Do you mind if I post it back on

    with best regards


  2. Hi Gunnar
    Do you have the link to the 2009 R2 version of the renumbering tool that supports update to the pages and table relations, the the link in this thread in this post does not work.

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