Twenty different Menu Suites

In an effort to give better support to NAV Extensions Microsoft have added support for ten more MenuSuite objects.


I have given my opinion to Microsoft on the MenuSuite design and how it could be improved.  I guess everything can be improved in one way or another.

To quote Microsoft: “This simple update doesn’t pretend to solve the underlying problem described. It mitigates by doubling the number of add-ons to 20, already accounted for in existing licenses. We are aware that this is not the long term solution, but it is a quick way to mitigate some partners’ problems with MenuSuites and Add-ons.” 

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  1. Having 20 add-on’s in a database could for sure be a challenge… But having a limit at all is a disturbing anyway.

    The main issue I have as an add-on developer is that I cant use an Object ID within the add-on number series range for my add-on. I have to rely on that there’s no other add-on in the database using the same Object ID for the menu suite…. But I’m sure you already mentioned this for MS.

  2. Let me guess: You are not impressed?
    They should re-design the extensions feature. It doesn’t make any sense to have extensions dependent on available object numbers and field numbers.

  3. Nice to see that they have fixed menusuites so that when you create a new item it automatically fetches all the caption ml:s to the item… NOT 🙁

  4. Erm… can somebody remember the Navision Financials / Attain style menus? THOSE were real menus. And you could do the role-tailored thing with these, too. I actually did at several companies. How about backing off to Attain and start the menu exercise again? With some useful improvements, like better editing, hotkey discovery, maybe menu tree parts you could link?

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