My first Dynamics 365 Extension – step by step – fourth step

I got the following response from Microsoft

Hello Gunnar,

We wanted to update you on your request to publish your app, G/L Source Names (Request ID# 835), on Microsoft AppSource. Based on our initial evaluation, your app has been moved to the Microsoft Dynamics NAV AppSource team for further evaluation. You will receive a follow up within 5-7 days or earlier with a status regarding your submission and next steps as relevant.

 Please let us know if you have any questions, or if there is anything we can do to help.

 Where you are in the process:


Request ID# 835

Thank you,
The Microsoft AppSource team

Soon after I got an Excel Template for my object request (microsoft-dynamics-365-for-financials-app-extension-questionnaire-and-object-range-request-form-october-2016).  Here posted for demonstration purposes, don’t use this for your actual process.

I did my object request and for this solution 50 objects is enough.


And this morning I got another email from Microsoft

Hi Gunnar,

50 objects have been assigned to “Kappi ehf.” (PSBC: 6433432) in the range: 70009200-70009249 for your app G/L Source Names.

You have most likely figured out by now that you need to be a Microsoft Partner.  Not a partner, jump to the partner website and sign up.

So, to PartnerSource Business Center to download a new development license.


I like to start by downloading the “Permission Report Detailed (txt)” to verify that my objects are indeed in the license.


After verifying the below lines

Authorized Partner Ranges

Range From     Range To       Object Type                   Permission
70009200       70009249       XMLPort                       RIMDX
70009200       70009249       Query                         RIMDX
70009200       70009249       Form                          RIMDX
70009200       70009249       Dataport                      RIMDX
70009200       70009249       MenuSuite                     RIMDX
70009200       70009249       FieldNo                       RIMDX
70009200       70009249       System                        RIMDX
70009200       70009249       TableDescription              RIMDX
70009200       70009249       Report                        RIMDX
70009200       70009249       TableData                     RIMDX
70009200       70009249       Codeunit                      RIMDX
70009200       70009249       Page                          RIMDX

I can download the license file and start my development process.  That process will be covered in later posts.


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  1. Hi Gunnar
    Thank you for the detailed information about the process. Sure you will cover this in your next blog post, but I am curious. Against which version of NAV 2017 are you developing you App? W1, NA,…?

  2. Hi Gunnar,

    It is necessary to request object range to develop an extension? Can’t we create extension in 50000-99999 object range? As per my understanding it is only required if we have to register an app on Microsoft AppSource, right?

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