Record Links and Attachments

The standard Record Links table in Dynamics NAV has the ability to store a URL and link it to any record in the Dynamics NAV database.  However, in order to fully use this each user must have access to the give URL.

As a part of the Purchase Invoice signing solution I built a process to select or scan a file, upload it to a SQL database and create a URL to that file in the Record Link table.  I create a  SQL link table that stores the file and a permission table that holds information on users permission by table id.

I used TwainControlX to scan and create files to import and link.  Then I add a “Link File” button to the Purchase Order.

When Link File is selected the following dialogue appears.

After selecting or scanning a file a new link is created and the file is uploaded to the SQL server.

The file is now available to all users that have the required permission through the following link.

The can be downloaded directly with the Open button or NAV can download and open the file with code.  I created a .ASP web page to download files from the Link database.

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