Scanning in Remote Desktop

When running Dynamics NAV as a Remote Application or in Remote Desktop you are missing connection to your locally connected scanner.  I have created a solution that uses a standalone application running on the client computer.  That application uses the TwainControlX from Ciansoft and connects to a Microsoft SQL database.  The database needs to be on a computer that both the client computer and the remote desktop computer have access to.

On that database server a database is created with only one table.  That table can be truncated every night in a maintenance job.  This is the table creation script.

CREATE TABLE [dbo].[ScanRequests](
	[ComputerName] [varchar](20) NOT NULL,
	[ClientName] [varchar](20) NOT NULL,
	[SelectedDeviceID] [varchar](250) NULL,
	[Image] [image] NULL,
	[RequestDateTime] [datetime] NULL,
	[FormatID] [varchar](50) NULL,
	[AnswerDateTime] [datetime] NULL,
	[Answered] [int] NOT NULL,
	[AnswerText] [varchar](250) NULL,
	[PageNo] [int] NULL

The program on the client then connects to the database and to the scanner.

A code in Dynamics NAV creates the request for a scan by inserting a entry into the ScanRequest table and the application on the client computer automatically scans the images and updates that scan request entry.  The updated entry then containes the image file that is imported into Dynamics NAV or attached as a link.

The following ZIP files are encrypted.  View the Product page for more information.

Twain Scanner (ISL)
NAV Myndlestur (TwainOCX) Source Code (ISL)


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  1. hi,
    I also have the same problem with using our local scanner to scan to remote desktop sessions. I found Tsscan which is works great and not found any error any more. I think Tsscan is best one that I have seen. I have review other one but they where too expensive and didn’t really offer any advantage. You can take a look at

  2. Hello!
    I faced with challenge of scanning using local scanner being logged to remote windows session. There are several third-party applications are available on the web. works fine in our mixed virtual environment.
    In few words, virtual scanner is created within the remote session. That scanner is mapped to your local scanner.
    As I told, the solution works fine in both RDP and Citrix sessions.

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