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On several occasions I have needed to create a code to communicate with Soap Web Services. The manual labor in creating the functions and XML Ports is something that I would like to be rid of. On that node I created a Batch that does most of the job for me.

Execute this and you will be asked to save the “Web Service Objects.txt” file to your computer and from there you will be able to import the file and continue the work.

You will get XMP Ports for every method, both the request and response.  You will also get a Codeunit with a function for every method and the necessary functions to handle the web service communication.

What is left is for you to connect your data to the functions and the XML Ports.

This is not fully tested, so any updates would be appreciated.

Import WSDL (Updated 2012-12-08)

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  1. Thanks for the Generator.
    I tried to use it and found that the biggest problems are with line truncating.
    The string InLine can has the end at middle searched string, so it isn’t so easy to find
    exactly needed positions.

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