Unzip Files

By using the Automation “‘Microsoft Shell Controls And Automation’.Shell” you can unzip a file within Dynamics NAV.

Create a Global

Name DataType Subtype
SystemShellControl Automation ‘Microsoft Shell Controls And Automation’.Shell
SystemShellItem Automation ‘Microsoft Shell Controls And Automation’.FolderItem
SystemShellItems Automation ‘Microsoft Shell Controls And Automation’.FolderItems
FileName Text
ZipFileName Text
DestFolderName Text
Index Integer
Pos Integer

And then simply
[code]ZipFileName := ‘C:\TEMP\ZipFile.Zip’;
DestFolderName := ‘C:\TEMP\’;
SystemShellItems := SystemShellControl.NameSpace(ZipFileName).Items;
FOR Index := 1 TO SystemShellItems.Count DO BEGIN
SystemShellItem := SystemShellItems.Item(Index – 1);
FileName := SystemShellItem.Path
FOR Pos := 1 TO STRLEN(SystemShellItem.Path) DO
IF COPYSTR(SystemShellItem.Path,Pos,1) = ‘\’ THEN
FileName := COPYSTR(SystemShellItem.Path,Pos + 1);
// Do what ever you whant to DestFolderName + FileName

Download a File

In Dynamic NAV it is possible to use the Automation “‘Microsoft XML, v6.0’.XMLHTTP” to download files.  The code would be


IF WinHTTP.status <> 200 THEN

InStr := WinHTTP.responseStream;
Where Text003 is “Status error %1 %2”

The URL will be downloaded to the filename “TempFileName”

Data Upgrade Method and Code

I am in the process of upgrading a 5.0 SP1 database to 2009 R2.  That includes updated addon solutions from Skýrr.  To help me with this process I created a table, form and a codeunit to handle the upgrade and provide the user a visual process information.

This code will store information on processed tables in the log table and make sure that if you execute the upgrade process only the remaining processes will be executed.  You can simply add another processing codeunit and execute the process again and again.


Forms with Line No. and Filter

Some forms in Dynamics NAV use the property “AutoSplitKey”.  That means that the “Line No.” field will be automatically assigned the next line number or a number between lines if the user tries to insert a line between two lines.

If the user adds a filter to the form then this will fail.  I created a code that will solve this problem.  First you need to reset the “AutoSplitKey” property.  Then you create two functions.


And then insert this code on the “Form – OnNewRecord(BelowxRec : Boolean)” trigger.

This will create automatically assign a “Line No.” to your line even if you are using filter.

Multiple NAS Services on a single license

Most Dynamics NAV databases have more than one companies.  When setting up Dynamics NAV Application Server as a service, you have to install a service for each company in your database.  Your license might not have enough user licenses to be able to run all services at once.  My solution is the following.

I install a NAS service for each company.  One of them set to automatic startup type, all others are set to manual. I then schedule a task every 30 minutes and execute a script that I save as NAS-Rotate.vbs.
[code lang=”vb”]strComputer = "."
Set objWMIService = GetObject("winmgmts:" _
& "{impersonationLevel=impersonate}!\\" & strComputer &amp; _

CurrentServiceName = ""
RunNextService "NAS-1","NAS-2"
RunNextService "NAS-2","NAS-3"
RunNextService "NAS-3","NAS-4"
RunNextService "NAS-4","NAS-5"
RunNextService "NAS-5","NAS-6"
RunNextService "NAS-6","NAS-1"
If CurrentServiceName = "" Then
StartService "NAS-1"
End If

Sub RunNextService(ServiceName,NextServiceName)
Set colServices = objWMIService.ExecQuery _
("SELECT * FROM Win32_Service WHERE Name = ‘" & ServiceName & "’")

‘* List all the services on the machine
For each objService in colServices
If objService.State = "Running" Then
‘* WScript.Echo "Stopping: " & objService.DisplayName & "," & _
‘* objService.StartName & "," & objService.State
CurrentServiceName = NextServiceName
‘* WScript.Quit
End if
End Sub

Sub StartService(ServiceName)
Set colServices = objWMIService.ExecQuery _
("SELECT * FROM Win32_Service WHERE Name = ‘" & ServiceName & "’")

‘* List all the services on the machine
For each objService in colServices
If objService.State = "Stopped" Then
‘* WScript.Echo "Starting: " & objService.DisplayName & "," & _
‘*objService.StartName & "," & objService.State
End if
End Sub[/code]
In this excample I have installed six services.

Forms and Pages are editable in lookupmode

Some forms and pages in Dynamics NAV are used both for setup and look up.  For example form and page “Payment Terms” with ID 4.  I like to add a code to forms and pages to prevent this.

On forms:
On pages:
This causes the form or page to be write protected if they are opened as a look up from the “Payment Terms Code” fields.

Import from ODBC into Dynamics NAV

Importing data from ODBC database into Dynamics NAV is a regular task.  The most common problem is where the external database has data types and null values that are not supported by Dynamics NAV.

I have solved this with a function that builds the query command.  The function selects all fields from the table and then loops through them, checks the data type and builds an new query command using both “ISNULL” and “CONVERT” functions.

The attached example is where I import customers and vendors from Pervasive database with DK business data.  The create function requires the table name and the primary key.  If the external table has to many fields to fit into one query command more queries will be created for remaining fields along with the primary key.

Here you can download a ZIP file with the example codeunit.