Windows 10 and Universal Apps

A new operating system from Microsoft sure has it’s impact on our ecosystem.  Our Microsoft Dynamics NAV is based on top of Microsoft operating systems.

With the power of SOAP and OData services in Microsoft Dynamics NAV everyone is now able to design a custom user interface dedicated for a simple task, both for employees and customers.

It should be interesting to grab the Visual Studio 2015 tools and start to experiment with the Windows Universal developement with Microsoft Dynamics NAV on the back-end.

The end goal, to have Windows running on all type of devices will open a lot of possibilities.  Go wild…

Masterclass Workshop in Iceland

Iceland has from the beginning been in the front row when using, developing and supporting Dynamics NAV and it predecessors.  When Mark Brummel started to talk about bringing the Masterclass Workshop to Iceland I knew that there would not be any problem finding attendees.

Mark came up to Iceland and I flew him up to the north cost to my home town.  After a few hours browsing we headed to the Drangey Music Festival (just bing-it).


We bathed in Grettislaug and listened to music until it was time to look at the sunset.


To our amazement the sun never went below the horizon and before we knew it we where watching a sunrise.

The workshop had twenty attendees with average experience of over ten years.  Two great days and Mark got good reviews.


Thank you all

NAV TechDays 2014

This great venue finished last Friday.  As usual it was a success and the number of attendees skyrocketed up to 780.

I met a lot of friends and found some new.  Would have loved to be able to invite all the attendants to look a and see if we can get more people to contribute.

Some things are best said with pictures.  This video is by Kai Kowalewski and is published on YouTube.

Thanks – see you next year.

Objects4NAV – information and invitation


New Site for NAV Objects

Where a community of NAV professionals contribute and promote their work.

Created by a NAV MVP with the objective to setup a simple site where he could promote, sell and distribute digital content – small and large C/AL solutions packaged as objects for NAV.

It is our belief that there are many small and useful solutions out there for NAV, objects that have been developed and produced by creative Microsoft professionals. If you are interested in using this site to promote and sell your own objects, then feel free to signup here.

Objects4NAV does not take commissions or any registration fees. The site is supposed to be the mediator of information and simple catalogue of promoted products. Each contributor manages transactions and sales for their own products. The products that are there today are for example listed and sold using Sellfy.

We simply want to have a site with a simple user interface where users can find their solutions based on what it is (product tag) and what it does (post tag). Please join us to promote your work and make it easy for other NAV professionals to discover and purchase your work online.

After joining as a contributor – all you have to do to publish and promote your work on Objects4NAV is to submit product information via this form – and if you’re not giving it away, then you should also setup your product with your own account on Sellfy or some other compatible service.

We look forward to providing you this service!

Follow Objects4NAV on twitter for automatic tweets whenever a new object / product is posted on

Directions EMEA recap

I am now sitting in my hotel room looking back on the last three days.

Directions was packed with interesting material but what I came away with is the communication I had with other attendees, speakers, Microsoft employees and last but not least my fellow NAV MVPs.

Most of the NAV MVPs present got a change to sit down and speak together about how we can increase our support to NAV partners and to the community.  This was a good meeting and I am hopeful that this will lead to good things in the close future.

I would like to thank the Directions EMEA committee for a great conference and all the people who made my stay in Poznan a memorable time.

Next is NAVTechDays in Antwerp.  See you there.

Another year as a Dynamics NAV MVP


Dear Gunnar Gestsson,

Congratulations! We are pleased to present you with the 2014 Microsoft® MVP Award! This award is given to exceptional technical community leaders who actively share their high quality, real world expertise with others. We appreciate your outstanding contributions in Dynamics NAV technical communities during the past year.

Thanks to Microsoft for this honor.  I will continue to do everything that I can to make sure that Dynamics NAV continues to be a great product and to make sure that more and more users and developers will have a better experience with the product.

My yearly vacation

I have now been on a vacation in Spain for almost a week.  In the meantime NAV 2015 RTM has been released to partners an my fellow NAV MVPs have started to share the news via their blogs.

This all started on Directions 2014 in USA.  The tweets came flowing and I tried to keep up.

There are a lot of great new features in NAV 2015.  You should already be able to find a lot of information on that.  For example take a look at Mohana’s blog.

After my vacation I will go to Directions EMEA in Poznań, Poland and hope to see you all there.

In the meantime I will keep moving.


Vacation is over

Sorry for my absence lately.  Was in Spain enjoying the sun.

I am back at work and seeing a few things that I need to handle.

Thank you for waiting…