SMS from NAV

In modern ERP solutions the system should be able to send SMS to employees, customers and vendors.  The phone service provider Síminn in Iceland offers a web service interface for applications to send SMS.

Attached is a source code that uses this web service to send SMS.

SMS Source Code

Add Namespaces to outgoing XML

The tax authority in Iceland are using Soap web services.  I have built XML Ports in NAV to create the request XML and another one to read the response XML.

I already wrote about using stylesheet to strip namespaces from the incoming XML before passing it to the XML Port.  I previously just added namespaces to the outgoing XML with attributes in the request XML Port.  This does not work in Role Tailored Client.

The solution was to remove all the namespaces attributes from the request XML Ports and create a function to add namespaces to the XML before passing it to the web server.  This work both in Classic Client and in Role Tailored Client.

AddNameSpaces source code

Dynamics NAV and Soap Services

Soap Web Services return XML with name spaces.  You need to remove the name spaces before you can use XMLPort to read the answer.  Microsoft has supplied a solution to this problem by applying Stylesheet to the XML before it is read by the XMLPort.  I added to that Stylesheet a few lines to remove the Header section of the XML.

Attached is a working example that queries a bank for a given bank account and registration number.

Here is the source code.