Import G/L Journal from Excel

Image being able to send your staff an Excel document and get it returned with data for your General Journal.  Data from outside sources are usually available in Excel.  By using this batch, you can import that data into NAV General Journal.

Clicking on the “Create Template” button will start Excel with a document template.

On each cell in the header line there is an comment that helps with the data format.

Here is a zip file with the source code needed.

Job Queue Execution

The Job Queue granule (3,810) in version 5.0 and later can be used to automate tasks by starting Nav Application Server with the parameter JOBQUEUE.  Everyting that Job Queue starts is started with a record in the table Job Queue Entry.  However, there are built in batches, like report 795, Adjust Cost – Item Entries, that Job Queue can start with some help.  Here is a Report that I use to start built in batches from Job Queue.

Here is a zip file with the code needed.