Ommit Zero in Calculation Formula

There are a few calculation methods available in for a flowfield.  This is a great feature in NAV to aggregate amounts from ledger entries.  I would like Microsoft to add an option to the flowfield declaration.  I would like to be able to omit zeros when using methods; Average, Exist, Count, Max and Min.  In a normal SQL it is possible to use NULL to archive this result but not in NAV.

The solution that I am using now is to create a boolean field for each of the amount fields that indicate if the amount is zero.  Then I have to add that boolean field to the sum-index enabled key and filter on that field.

Microsoft, please add this option to your upcoming releases of Dynamics NAV.  You can vote for this here.



Database File Group selection for keys

I sure would like to be able to split large Dynamics NAV databases into multiple file groups that reside on separated disks.  I suggest that the available file groups can be selected for each key in the table designer.

Please vote here if you would also like this possibility.