Is Rapid Start slow ?

In the original version of RapidStart Services, that was shipped with NAV 2013 R2, Microsoft was using the Table Information table to collect no. of records for each table.  This was very slow as soon as you added more companies to the database.  A coworker showed me this problem and I changed the functionality and sent a suggestion to Microsoft on how to change this.

And what do you know, they did exactly that.  In the Update Rollup 3 for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2 this has been fixed.

I also sent them an error regarding a local formatted date formula.  And they fixed that to.

Good job Microsoft.

Old format or invalid type library Excel error in Rapid Start

As a part of the new localized NAV 2013 we need to configure the Rapid Start package to be used with new installations.  As we started to work with the packages trying to export to Excel we got an error.


The cause is known by Microsoft.

You receive this error calling an Excel method when the   following conditions are true:   

  • The method requires an LCID (locale identifier).
  • You run an English version of Excel. However, the regional settings for the computer are configured for a non-English language.

If the client computer runs the English version of Excel and the locale for the current user is configured for a language other   than English, Excel will try to locate the language pack for the configured   language. If the language pack is not found, the error is reported.

We saw the same error in NAV 2009 R2 Role Tailored Client.  The solution is simple, download and install a language pack for Microsoft Office that matches your regional settings.  You should find the language pack on the Office Language Interface Pack (LIP) downloads page.

Link for Office 2016